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Monday, February 17, 2003

I was talking to a liberal the other day who was nostalgic about Bill Clinton. I don't understand why liberals love Clinton so much; as a liberal Clinton was an awful president. He had huge majorities from 1992-4, and his overreaching on taxation, socialized medicine and gays in the military blew up in his face in 1994. Thanks to Clinton the Republicans controlled Congress for the first time in 42 years. After 2002 the Democrats are almost exactly where they were post-1994, and they are heading into trouble for 2004.

Clinton screwed the Democrats in 1994. Nothing he ever did will change that. We have Clinton's amateurishness to thank for controlling both houses of Congress and a majority of governors' mansions eight years after 94.

I also don't understand why conservatives loathe Clinton so much. Granted, he vetoed the Republicans' welfare reform and dodged the Lewinsky bullet...I think Clinton's incompetence was partially responsible for 9-11, but I get the sense that that's not why conservatives hate him. Clinton signed semi-conservative welfare reform legislation and cap-gains tax cut legislation...that's more than can be said for most Democratic presidents, even if it did take a Republican Congress to horsewhip him into doing so. (His pre-1994 tax hike was very offensive, but that cost him control of Congress and a majority of governorships.)


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