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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

I've been thinking about affirmative action in light of Trent Lott and the U-Mich case. Why is affirmative action so bad? Bush and the GOP are being hypocritical by opposing affirmative action. Everybody knows the Republicans would die for more black candidates, and they do absolutely everything they can to get black Republicans to run for House seats, gubernatorial tickets, etc. Republicans recruit blacks and Hispanics like crazy. There are other factors for using race besides prejudice. Diversity has practical benefits, too, like attracting minority voters, or maybe getting more minorities to buy your product if you have a reputation as a diverse corporation (by, say, diversifying your board of directors). Regardless, the Republicans acknowledge the practical value in affirmative action by practicing it so much in defiance of their platform. If affirmative action has practical benefits, why include it in the platform? Why continue the hypocrisy?


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