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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

A column of some 1,000 Iraqi vehicles is approaching the 3rd Infantry from Baghdad. Seems like a huge blunder to me. If I were the Iraqis I would hunker down in Baghdad with chemical weapons, not roll out into the open and get pummeled by coalition aircraft.

CNN says that "hundreds" of Iraqis were killed near Najaf. The Pentagon says that not a single American was killed.

Larry Kudlow clings to hope that the tax-cut hasn't been completely wrecked yet. Don Nickles wants to bring $150 billion back, but I don't see why that has any chance of working. Chafee and Snowe will vote against it and Zell Miller will vote for it, making it 50-50. And Voinovich will probably bolt again, or McCain if not him.


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