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Monday, March 10, 2003

The latest: France and Russia have both officially promised to veto the Iraq war resolution. Thus, even if the United States gets a nine-vote majority it won't be able to overcome the filibustering Axis of Appeasement in the Security Council. That means that the borderline countries that would have voted for the US will now abstain (Pakistan, Chile, Mexico).

The United Nations has fallen on its own sword. Bush will go in, Iraq will fall, and the United Nations will have paraded its powerlessness in front of the whole world. The people who will really be screwed by this are Tony Blair, Jose Maria Aznar, A.F. Rasmussen and the other courageous European leaders who stood by the US. They will have no support without a UN resolution, so they'll probably get creamed (especially Aznar, who faces elections in May).


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