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Monday, April 07, 2003

This is my latest addendum to the case for war against Iraq:

American oil companies get their hands on Iraqi oil, with the protection of the Iraqi government. They start mass-producing oil and selling oil well below market price. The OPEC countries, most of which are totalitarian and/or Arab, will be forced to break their own restrictions to make whatever money they can. The price of oil falls like a rock. The world economy booms because the "OPEC tax" is dead. The OPEC countries are making a lot less money from oil from the start, and since their oil industries are state-run they will quickly lose ground to the private American/Western companies. Their governments, already saddled with enormous debts and expenses, will go bankrupt. The well of money for Islamic extremism will dry up. There will be no need to liberate the entire Mideast, because the governments will collapse by themselves once their oil revenue is gone. American oil companies will make out like bandits. The Iraqi government will too, because they will have a tax on the profits of foreign companies. The Iraqi people will enjoy an immeasurably improved standard of living, whether from business-friendly low taxes or extensive social services (which suck but are much better than the current "government").

If this is what Cheney/Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz/Bush really intends...they should be deified, or something. The terror masters will be bankrupted. The oil sultanates of the Mideast will fall very fast. The price of oil will hit rock bottom, and the world economy wil reap a huge harvest. Tyrants from Ali Khamenei to Hugo Chavez will at the very least be much poorer/weaker, and at most they will be overthrown because they can't fund their control any longer. The world will have finally gotten rid of the OPEC noose.


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