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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

According to this article, "Republicans, who pride themselves on being frugal with taxpayers' money, were bigger spenders than Democrats in state legislatures over the past five years, a USA TODAY analysis shows. "

When both the state legislature and the governorship are controlled by Republicans, spending rises an average of 6.85%. When Democrats control both chambers, the average is 6.79 percent! With a Republican governor and a Democratic legislature it's 5.9%, and a Democrat governor/GOP legislature yields the lowest, a 5.74% increase. Spending was 14% less when control was divided.

Republicans did, however, cut taxes much more than Democrats, 1.08% to .59%. But that will doubtless change after this electoral cycle because of many GOP state govs' insane tax hikes, as in Idaho, Nevada, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Alaska and Arkansas. Florida, Texas, Colorado and South Carolina are the only GOP states to even hold the line on taxes. Meanwhile, Democrat Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico has cut taxes more than any governor in recent memory. If the analysis were extended to 2004, the Democrats would be both bigger tax cutters and smaller spenders at the state level.

Libertarians might as well start voting Democrat at the state level.


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