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Saturday, June 28, 2003

Apparently half of Brits think Tony Blair should quit. The WMD issue, which has barely harmed Bush at all, appears to have destroyed Tony Blair. Fifty-eight percent of Brits think Blair is untrustworthy; 48% think he should quit. Approximately 52% of Brits think Labour's record on crime, immigration, health, and transportation is bad.

Chalk up another failure of tax-and-spend statism and gun control. Blair has increased health funding by 20%, but there has been no commensurate improvement in service. Every type of crime is through the roof thanks to gun control, immigration issues and the total disaster of the Labour war on drugs. However, Labour is unwilling to go for broke by hiking taxes and spending. Labour's top tax rate of 98 percent in the 70's and extreme favoritism towards labor unions threw them out of power from 1979 to 1997, and they don't want to risk that again.

Sadly, the Labour-Liberal left wing still dwarfs the Conservatives in approval ratings. Labour and the Conservatives each have 35% approval, with the Liberals at 19%., meaning that a healthy majority of the UK is still pretty leftist. It remains to be seen whether the Conservatives will stake a clear free-market position to contrast themselves with Labour, or adopt Rockefeller Republican at-least-we-aren't-as-statist-as-they-are policies.


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