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Monday, June 16, 2003

Domestically, not much is happening. Bush is trying to pass a vaguely market-oriented prescription-drug benefit for Medicare, but instead of raising hell like they usually do, a lot of Democrats are supporting it. As a political rule of thumb, if Teddy Kennedy is on the same side as the GOP on an issue, the GOP is selling out. Considering how desperate the Democrats are for an issue in 2004 and how Medicare is one of their stronger issues, the Democratic establishment's support seems extremely suspicious. My money is on the GOP caving on yet another issue (as they did with farm subsidies, campaign finance, tariffs and federal pork) to make Bush even more invincible than he already is.

The recall movement in California, given new life by Rep. Darrell Issa, has gained massive momentum. Davis squeaked by in 2002 against a lousy challenger by basically lying about the scope of California's deficit, and after winning he has proposed dozens of unpopular tax hikes and budget cuts to deal with it. Jobs are fleeing California because of enormous business costs imposed by the Democrats who own the state. Now it's mid-2003 and Davis is looking like roadkill. The recall effort needs some 900,000 signatures to go to ballot, and organizers say they've already gotten above 700,000. Davis could be ousted in a Democratic primary, though, probably by Dianne Feinstein. Either way, the governorship of the largest state could very well be won by the GOP.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in a recent speech: "This is really embarrassing...I can't remember the California governor's name, but I know you will help me recall him."


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