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Sunday, June 22, 2003

I watched part of Howard Dean's Meet the Press interview with Tim Russert this morning. Russert was pretty hard on him. Dean looked pretty polished except when Russert would try to characterize certain things that Dean had said, in which cases Dean got extremely petty. It didn't come off well at all. It wasn't a disaster for Dean, but he certainly didn't pull ahead of the other dwarves in the Democratic primary; however, Dean is already way ahead of the other Democrats because he staked out an antiwar position from the very beginning while Kerry, Edwards, Lieberman, and Gephardt all voted for it.

The three frontrunners are Kerry, Gephardt and Dean, with Gephardt the real frontrunner because labor loves him. I think Edwards still has a remote chance of winning because I think a lot of the Democratic base really wants him to win, but he needs to be a lot more articulate and probably a little more liberal too. Gephardt has Iowa locked up, while Dean and Kerry are dogfighting over New Hampshire. Methinks Gephardt will win South Carolina.


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