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Monday, June 23, 2003

In Rudy's latest interview with TIME (excerpted here), he concedes interest in the Senate or the governorship. But if he isn't going to challenge Schumer in 2004, he isn't going anywhere. Pataki is the governor for now, and his next term ends in 2006. But Hillary is too popular for Pataki (Hillary's term ends in 2006) and Pataki is way too liberal for the 2004 or 2008 ticket, so why should Pataki step down? Rudy might not like the prospect of a matchup with the super-funded Schumer, but he has a better chance against Schumer than he does against Hillary. Giuliani happens to be 100% pro-choice, so he won't land on the national ticket anytime soon. Thus it would make sense for him to go after Schumer. But he isn't going to. Any campaign is still "at least a couple of years" away, he said.


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