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Saturday, June 28, 2003

Massachusetts state senator Guy Glodis (D) has suggested burying Muslim terrorists in pig blood and entrails as a method of deterring terrorism, because some Muslims believe they are barred from Paradise if they're buried with anything having to do with a pig. The Muslim protest industry in the US is already freaking out, but I think it's the best idea to come from a Democrat since JFK's tax cut!

Consider: when US Gen. Pershing had just suppressed a Muslim revolt in the Philippines, he lined up the fifty captured rebels/terrorists/whatever. He had his soldiers soak their bullets in pig's blood. They shot 49 of the 50 rebels, dumped them in a hole in the ground and dumped the pig entrails on top. They let the 50th man go, and there wasn't another Muslim terrorist incident for 42 years. Who can argue with that kind of success?


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