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Saturday, July 26, 2003


Buried in this CNN article is a Planned Parenthood poll that asks: "Do you agree or disagree with this statement: 'Abortion is murder.'" 57 percent of Americans and 61 percent of women agreed with the statement. Thirty-six percent of Americans disagreed. Fifty-one percent of Americans think abortion should be banned completely or legal just in cases of rape and incest. Furthermore, 14 percent of Americans cited abortion as their most important issue in voting in 2000; of those, 58 percent voted for Bush and 41 percent for Gore. That makes about 2.5 million extra votes for Republicans over abortion.

At least Rove-Bush-Cheney now has the green light to fulfill one promise to the Republican base. If Rove takes advantage of this, the Democrats could be even more screwed in 2004 than they are now, especially if Bush nominates a pro-life justice. (The latest Supreme Court rumor is that Rehnquist has agreed to stay until the fall to approve McCain-Feingold. The Republicans have barely 50 votes since Snowe and Specter will defect, so they are keeping McCain's vote by keeping Rehnquist long enough to uphold McCain's little campaign-finance legislation.)


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