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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Just saw Terminator 3 today. It's definitely worth seeing. On the surface it isn't much different from the first two - essentially the same story line, with Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to protect John Connor and his to-be spouse Katherine Brewster from the machines. The anti-human Terminator is Kristanna Loken, and she plays the part very well, although her picking up Schwarzenegger and ramming him through multiple walls was not very plausible.

However, the script is vastly superior to T2's, the chase scenes are better, the acting is better, and so is just about everything else. The last line of the movie - "The battle has only just begun" - pretty much guarantees a T4 unless T3 really bombs, which it won't. A T4 would have to have lots of big, futuristic computer battle machines, which I had hoped this movie would have more of (judging from the trailers). Oh well.
I will probably see it again.


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