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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Ahnuld actually took stands on a number of issues today, which is something of a surprise.

The California gubernatorial candidate is "pro-choice", but against partial-birth abortion. He waffled on parental notification, which probably means he doesn't want to change the status quo of that issue. He favors legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes, which is commonsensical and popular in California. He supports prayer in public schools and is against legalizing gay marriage and granting drivers' licenses to illegal immigrants. Those issues have little relevance to California's current problem, but will play decently well with California's skeptical conservative base.

We will see what Schwarzenegger really is (as far as "social" issues are concerned) by his stance on Prop. 87, a ballot initiative that passed overwhelmingly in 1994 that denies state services to illegal aliens. It was struck down by the courts, but it might still command substantial support in California. Schwarzenegger will probably have a poll and determine his stance based on whether or not a majority still supports it.


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