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Thursday, August 07, 2003

Arnold Schwarzenegger has officially thrown his hat into the ring for the California recall election. Which is a good thing, because there's less chance that the Republicans will split. There are now about 250 candidates for the California recall, including liberal porn czar Larry Flynt, liberal journalist Arianna Huffington and Green Party candidate Peter Camejo. So far, I think the only well-known Republicans are Darrell Issa, the guy who got the recall moving, and Schwarzenegger. Dick Riordan would have entered, but he will get behind Arnold now...I think Tom McClintock, a conservative from the California Legislature, is also in. Not sure about Bill Simon, though. (Simon was the conservative candidate for governor in 2002.)

McClintock is definitely more conservative than Arnold, but I doubt he could get as much done. Arnold's star power will give him a little political capital - maybe - to use when dealing with the liberal Legislature.

As for Gray Davis, he has done an amazing job rallying the core Democratic interests behind him. He got the endorsement of the AFL-CIO today, and Dianne Feinstein has decided that she won't run in the recall. Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante still might though.


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