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Thursday, August 14, 2003

Arnold Schwarzenegger may be a successful businessman with a great life story. True, he has dabbled in libertarian economics and hobnobbed with legendary conservative economist Milton Friedman. But does that make him anything close to an authentic conservative, or even libertarian? No. If his hiring of Warren Buffett is any indication, Schwarzenegger plans on raising taxes to help his way out of this mess. He is pro-choice and pro-gun control. A liberal in GOP coat and tie is not going to salvage California. California's problems stem from heavy taxes and a grossly incompetent, kleptocratic clique in Sacramento.

California needs a governor who will *at the very least* not raise taxes or fees any higher than they already are. Ideally, the car fee/tax tripling should be eliminated, income taxes cut, the work-comp system abolished, and spending slashed. I don't think Schwarzenegger will do that unless California's conservatives force him to. For that to happen, Bill Simon needs to quit the race and give Tom McClintock a monopoly on California's conservative wing. McClintock owns the fiscal issue, and he will force Schwarzenegger to do something about it if he can rally enough votes behind him in the polls. But the only way that that's going to happen is if Simon drops out. Simon had his chance last year, and he blew it. He is gaffe-prone and unelectable. For fiscal conservatism to have a chance in California, Simon needs to give McClintock a chance at winning, or at least pushing Ah-nuld to the right.


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