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Monday, August 18, 2003

Arnold Steinberg writes about Arnold Schwarzenegger's political missteps since initiating his campaign, resulting in his trailing Democrat Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante in a new poll.

Schwarzenegger still has an excellent chance of winning, but he is fast losing steam. In addition to making a bunch of liberal buddies of Maria Shriver his "advisors," including tax-and-spend fiend Warren Buffett, he is using the political team of the pro-choice, pro-gun control, tax-hiking Democr...I mean Republican former governor of California, Pete Wilson. With advisors like these, Schwarzenegger will probably tax his way out of California's budget deficit, which would actually make the problem even worse by making California even less hospitable for businesses. California conservatives are annoyed at Arnold's social liberalism, but they are willing to overlook it to throw Davis out, if only Arnold can bring prosperity back. Unfortunately, Arnold's appointments of advisors, coupled with a suggestion by Warren Buffett that the sacred cow Prop 13 (which limits property taxes) should be banned, has convinced conservatives that Arnold isn't even a moderate; he's a liberal in GOP coat and tie.

If Schwarzenegger makes a no-new-taxes pledge, and sticks to it, he will win over California's conservatives. But George Gorton and the Pete Wilson crowd pathologically hate the California right wing.

Arnold's campaign seems to take another turn for the worse every day.


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