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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

The California recall is depressing. The only Republican with a decent chance of winning (Schwarzenegger) is almost as bad as Davis. Lt Gov Cruz Bustamante, the only viable Democrat right now, wants to hike taxes even more than he wants to cut spending.

I am starting to root for Bustamante. In order to become America's most attractive state for business again, California needs a free-market candidate. McClintock is a very dark horse free-marketeer, and he's the most viable one. The next best thing, then, is a Democrat even more liberal than Davis in order to send California's economy to hell and make an example of liberal economics to the rest of the United States. While they're at it, the liberals who own California might also drive out enough people to give some of their electoral votes to conservative Nevada, Idaho, Arizona and Colorado. Bustamante fits that bill perfectly.

Anyway, if Bustamante wins his state's economy is going to get a lot worse than it already is. California borrowed billions just to survive this year, and more painful cuts will be necessary just to get to 2005. California already has the highest taxes and the worst business climate in the country. Either the Democrats will end up cutting taxes and spending or they will get routed in 2006, as well as show the other 49 states what a failure liberal economics is.

Then again, who says the Republicans will be able to take advantage of the Democrats' failures in 2006 if they can't win the recall?


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