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Sunday, September 21, 2003

CNN has a misleading headline: "Senators: Delay Top Tax Cuts for Rebuilding Iraq, Afghanistan." Actually, only liberal Democrat Joe Biden said that. The only other senator quoted in the article, Chuck Hagel (R-NB), implied that Congress would have to cut spending (did a congressional Republican just call for a cut in spending?!) in order to pay the bill. That is quite different from raising taxes.

Blatantly misleading headlines are just a pet peeve of mine. The article is also a hopeful sign that conservatives' "starve the beast" policy with the federal government is working: slash taxes and ramp up spending at the same time, so that when the deficit reaches politically explosive levels as a result (such as this year's $575 billion assuming the Iraq bill isn't compensated) the government has to choose between either cutting spending or cutting taxes. With a soft economy and the fact that a tax hike will hurt the economy, Republicans just might have the guts to cut spending for once. That is encouraging.


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