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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Four-star Gen. Wesley Clark has become the Democrats' tenth presidential contender.

I think the Clark candidacy is overrated. He was the commander of a peacekeeping operation in Kosovo, and the Democrats are calling him the answer to Bush's lead on terrorism. Give me a break. He didn't accomplish anything noteworthy in Kosovo. He has no experience in elective office, not even as a student council member. He is an inexperienced debater. He has no national network. He does not have the fire-in-the-belly liberalism that has revolutionized the Democratic race in Dean's favor.

All Clark has is a long military record. That is also the only thing John Kerry has. If anything, he will dilute Kerry's candidacy, but he will not damage Dean much, if at all. I am not sure the Democratic base even looks favorably upon national service. Basically, Clark's entry will only make the job easier for Dean, since Clark is essentially sniping at Kerry's supporters.


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