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Friday, September 05, 2003

Texas Democrat State Sen. John Whitmire broke with his ten state Senate colleagues in their run from Texas. He realized that the Democrats' running away did not endear him or his colleagues to the people of Texas.

The Republicans now have the quorum needed to pass their redistricting bill, eliminating five to seven Democrat representatives and giving the Republicans a hammerlock on the House of Representatives.

The ten remaining Democratic senators are trying to make a national issue out of redistricting. I would suggest that they convince Texas before they start a national "crusade". The Democrats had gerrymandered Texas so badly in the 90's that today 17 out of 32 representatives are Democrats, even though the state is about 60% Republican. The new map will alter the balance from 15-17 to about 21-11, which is much closer to Texas' real political alignment. I bet the GOP could have done better if they had gerrymandered as aggressively as the Democrats did in the 90's.


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