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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Matt Drudge must really hate Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now Drudge is blaring a photo of Hitler on his website, with Arnold's "I admire Hitler's public speaking" quote, taken out of context of course.

First of all, Hitler obviously was an outstanding orator, if history is the judge. The quote is also at least a decade old, and was well-known before Schwarzenegger ran for the governorship. I guess Drudge wasn't happy with the number of hits for his grope-gate LA Times mouthpiece act.

In any case, Drudge is being purely malicious. McClintock not only has a poor chance of winning, but he has also been bought and paid for by California's Indian tribes. He would also not have the same leverage over the Democratic legislature that Schwarzenegger would. There is no reason to vote for him. Drudge's attacks are accomplishing nothing.


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