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Friday, October 31, 2003

Republican Bobby Jindal holds a comfortable 9-point lead over Democrat Kathleen Blanco in the Louisiana gubernatorial race.

Republican Ernie Fletcher appears poised to capture the Kentucky governor's mansion, the first time in three and a half decades that a Republican will have been elected as gov. of Kentucky. He is about nine points ahead of Ben Chandler, the Democrat candidate.

Republican Haley Barbour is well-positioned to win the Mississippi governors' race, although he is only about 5 points ahead of Democrat Ronnie Musgrove.

It appears that Republicans will sweep the governors' races this Tuesday. In the two bitterly contested ones (Mississippi and Kentucky), the Democrats attempted to nationalize the race by blaming the exodus of jobs on the Bush Administration. Both attempts have apparently failed miserably. A Tuesday sweep wouldn't mean much in itself - Bush will probably carry all three states in 2004 regardless of who's governor - but the mini-nationalizations of the elections might be a good indicator of 2004.


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