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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Today Californians will have its first opportunity to stick it to the liberals who have ruined their state over the last five years.

The final tracking polls put the recall, and Schwarzenegger, still easily in the lead. Below are the tallies from the tracking polls, first showing the recall and then the Schwarzenegger-Bustamante-McClintock tally:

  • Field (Oct. 1): 57-39; 36-26-16

  • Los Angeles Times (Sept. 29) 56-42; 40-32-15 [The LA Times polls have been lowballing Schwarzenegger's lead throughout the entire race. -ed]

  • Knight Ridder/NBC (Oct. 4): 54-41; 37-29-15

  • CNN/USA Today (Sept. 27): 63-35; 40-25-18

  • Survey USA (Oct. 5): 57-43; 46-34-13

  • Chamber of Commerce (Sept. 25): 53-41; 35-31-17

  • Knowledge Networks/Hoover (Oct. 4): 59-41; 43-30-13

    Schwarzenegger's lead over Bustamante averages about eight points. The recall leads by double digits; one poll taken in late September showed the recall with a 28-point lead. The last-ditch smear camapign against Schwarzenegger has narrowed that down to about 14 points. That won't save Davis or Bustamante. Furthermore, about 2 million people have already voted via absentee ballot, and their votes are about 56 percent for the recall, meaning that Davis will need about 52 percent today. Not going to happen.


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