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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Wesley Clark's commanding lead over Howard Dean has evaporated. Clark's flipflops on the war and on the Bush Administration (he talked about what a "great team" is in the White House in 2001) reek of the same politics-as-usual baggage that have doomed the Kerry and Gephardt nominations. Democrats are right to reject such opportunism. Clark had been interminably hyped by the big media, but he has offered nothing except the same Bush-bashing, but without the guts to stand for his beliefs, unlike Dean before the war.

Dean is still the juggernaut of the race. He is running almost even in Iowa and is the overwhelming favorite in New Hampshire. Edwards is well-positioned to win South Carolina, so his candidacy might get some life once the other Establishment Democrats (Kerry, Gephardt, Lieberman) have dropped out, and Edwards becomes the lone standard-bearer of moderate Democrats and liberals who want to win. But my money's on Dean.


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