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Friday, November 14, 2003

The 30+ hour talkathon.

The chattering class, having nothing better to do, is chattering away about the Republicans' "reverse filibuster," in which they have talked for hours and hours about mainly judges and how unconstitutional the Democrats' filibusters of them are. The event is basically a publicity stunt, since it's not going to influence any Democratic senators' votes. The Republicans are basically using it to mobilize their base and show that they DO care about the filibustering of judges.

Each side has too much to lose if the other gains control of the judiciary, so there will be no meaningful compromise. The Republicans have little prospect of gaining the ~58 Senate seats (they will pick off a couple of Democrats) needed to override Democrat filibusters, even presuming that the Republicans ace the 2004 elections. I daresay the Republicans will wait until after 2004, when they have about 55 Senate seats, and then amend Senate rules to declare judicial filibusters unconstitutional.


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