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Sunday, November 30, 2003

Dirty Harry in Terminator's Sights

The beginning of the Schwarzenegger administration in California has been overshadowed by things like Bush's Baghdad Thanksgiving and the Medicare debate.

The good news is that, generally speaking, Schwarzenegger has been a home run for conservatives. The day he was sworn in, he repealed the Davis car tax. He has proposed a package of state reforms that caps state spending, ends the illegal-aliens drivers' licenses fiasco, and reforms workers' comp.

Recently, however, Schwarzenegger has turned a tad vindictive. He has drawn up a hit list of 10,000 state employees and officials to be removed from office as part of house-cleaning in Sacramento, and Clint Eastwood, a Republican who is a state forest commissioner, is on that list, apparently because he came out against the recall and offered Gray Davis an ad saying as much. Granted, Eastwood's offer was stupid, but he is so unimportant that it only shows Arnie to be vindictive. Besides, Eastwood apparently did pretty well at his job. It will only reflect badly on Schwarzenegger.


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