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Sunday, November 23, 2003

EU Shelves Anti-Semitism Report

The European Union's racism watchdog has shelved a report on anti-semitism because the study concluded Muslims and pro-Palestinian groups were behind many of the incidents it examined.

The Vienna-based European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) decided in February not to publish the 112-page study, a copy of which was obtained by the Financial Times, after clashing with its authors over their conclusions.

The news comes amid growing fears that there is an upsurge of anti-semitism in European Union countries. Among many recent incidents, a Jewish school near Paris was firebombed last Saturday, the same day two Istanbul synagogues were devastated by suicide truck bombs that killed 25 and wounded 300.


"There is a trend towards Muslim anti-semitism, while on the left there is mobilisation against Israel that is not always free of prejudice," said one person familiar with the report. "Merely saying the perpetrators are French, Belgian or Dutch does no justice to the full picture."

Now why on earth would the EU shelve a report that indicted Moslems for anti-Semitism? Maybe because it's afraid of inflaming Europe's already large, burgeoning, and increasingly vocal Islamic population?

Europe's plummeting white population means that it needs lots of replacement workers, to sustain their pension systems, and indeed their economies. But Europe doesn't have a country like Mexico nearby, which shares a somewhat similar culture (especially as far as religion is concerned). Europe has to import its workers from the Islamic world, especially Pakistan, Turkey, Algeria and Morocco. While the immigrants help stave off the white demographic time bomb, the Moslems are unfortunately not assimilating. Their resident immigrant populations are growing significantly faster than white Europe's, and more immigrants pour in every year. In one to two generations, France and Germany will have very large Sunni Moslem populations (France already has a Moslem population of around 12%, and there are as many mosque-going Moslems as churchgoing Catholics). If the war on terror drags on, this demographic reality will only increase the Atlantic rift. Chirac's Iraq pandering will be small potatoes compared to what it's going to be when France is a quarter or a third Moslem.


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