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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Southern Sweep

Despite having suffered heavy job losses, Kentucky elected GOP Rep. Ernie Fletcher governor by a comfortable 55-45 vote. He is the first Republican governor of Kentucky in 32 years.

Democrats had tested their planned 2004 strategy in Kentucky, blaming Bush (and the Republicans) for everything that has gone wrong. Obviously, it failed miserably. It does not bode well for the Democrats in 2004.

Mississippi was the opposite; Democrat Gov. Ronnie Musgrove did everything he could to distance himself from the liberal Democrats in Washington, DC, calling himself an 'independent conservative.' That, too, failed.

The GOP controls 29 of the country's governorships, to the Democrats' 21. The Louisiana gubernatorial race looms on Nov. 15, but barring a last-minute scandal the Republicans will hold Louisiana easily.

No doubt Terry McAuliffe will gloat about how the Democrats won the Philadelphia governors' race 58-42, in a city that is 80% Democrat. Even there, the Republican candidate was running even with the Democrat until an FBI bug was found in Mayor Street's office. Mayor Street's easy win obscures (fortunately) Terry McAuliffe's disastrous record as chairman of the Dems.


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