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Sunday, December 21, 2003

British cops could get power to stop motorists at push of a button

From today's Guardian:
After speed cameras, road humps and mobile phone bans, there could be more bad news for Britain's motorists. Police are urging Ministers to give them the power to stop vehicles by remote control.
In what will be seen as yet another example of the in-creasing power of Big Brother, drivers face the prospect of their cars being halted by somebody pushing a button.

The police lobby is being led by Superintendent Jim Hammond of Sussex police, who chairs an Association of Chief Police Officers technology working group which is examining the idea.

The conventional wisdom in Europe is that GWB is rapidly curtailing civil liberties here. The somewhat unfortunately named Patriot Act, however, has done virtually nothing to erode American civil liberties; the sole civil-liberties-curtailing that I've seen in Patriot (giving the Justice Dept. the ability to check library records) has *never* been used. Ironically, it's in Europe that civil liberties are going to hell, and Britain, which today is completely controlled by Labour, has been the worst offender of all.


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