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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

WASHINGTON, Dec. 8 — Al Gore has decided to endorse Howard Dean for president, aides to the men said Monday, a move that rocked the Democratic presidential field and hastened Dr. Dean's evolution from a long-shot maverick to a leading candidate of the Democratic establishment.

Mr. Gore will announce his endorsement of Dr. Dean on Tuesday at events in Harlem and in Iowa, Democrats close to both men said.

It just can't get any better than this. Howard Dean is pretty much guaranteed the Democratic nomination now. Thus the Democrat standard-bearer will go into the general election with the following proposals:
  • To "re-regulate" the economy;
  • To raise taxes on the average American family by over $2,000 per family;
  • The complete absence of a foreign policy
  • Dean has also made some extremely impolitic remarks to the South, such as that the South should stop basing its vote on "abortion, guns, God and gays." Leaving aside the fact that those are the only issues besides government and taxes to vote for, Dean typifies the Yankee-Birkenstock-liberal arrogance that Southerners hate so much.

Methinks Dean will win about 7 states - Hawaii, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York and Vermont for sure; California, NJ and Maine are maybes.


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