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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Sharia's European Renaissance

Two counterterrorism experts, Lorenzo Vidino and Eric Stakelbeck, have something to say about the rise of Sharia law in Western Europe, and it is not encouraging:
Young women killed for dating. Limbs amputated for petty theft. Makeshift courts deciding the fates of members of local Muslim communities. The Western world has grown accustomed to hearing about the brutalities of Islamic law. However, these primitive practices are no longer limited to the remote tribal areas of Pakistan, the backward kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or oppressive, mullah-dominated Iran. Today, thanks in large part to a massive flow of immigration from Muslim countries, sharia law and medieval customs are becoming increasingly common in the heart of Christian Europe...

...The effects of the application of sharia in Europe are not limited to Muslim women. Last year, in the small Italian town of Eboli, hospital workers treated a young Algerian man whose fingers on his right hand had been chopped off. Under questioning, the man refused to reveal how he had sustained his injuries, but investigators have no doubt that he was the victim of punishment carried out according to Islamic law. Authorities in southern Italy, where many migrants from North Africa flock to work in agriculture, are becoming accustomed to such incidents. A Sicilian doctor revealed to the Italian magazine Panorama that victims of violent sharia justice go to the hospital only as a last resort, "when the bleeding is serious." He added that he had become knowledgeable about how amputations must be made according to Islamic tradition (the hand has to be chopped off piece by piece, without breaking any bones).

While these incidents may seem isolated, in actuality, several Muslim groups in Europe openly advocate the introduction of sharia in the West. Uneducated immigrants might use sharia simply because it is a system they are more familiar with, but militant Islamic organizations push for the introduction of Islamic law because they believe it is a superior system, the law revealed by God, and therefore the only acceptable law.

In Germany, Milli Gorus, a militant Turkish Islamic organization with more than 200,000 members, is accused by German intelligence of promoting Islamic law among Turkish immigrants in Europe. The August 2001 issue of Milli Gorus's official publication, Milli Gazete, featured an article stating that "A religious Muslim is also at the same time an advocate for sharia. The state, the media, and the courts have no rights to interfere. The allegiance of a Muslim to sharia cannot be condemned or questioned...

As the Muslim population in Europe continues its rapid political and demographic ascent, this will only get worse.

Islam seems to be unique in that it has generally rebuffed the Western consumerist/materialist culture, even when totally immersed in it. Furthermore, on virtually every possible issue - women, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, etc. - Sharia's dictates are completely contrary to those of Western civilization. Sharia, despite allegations that it doesn't represent "true Islam," is well-grounded in Islamic theology, which is why so much of the Muslim world supports it.

However, the growing cancer of traditionalistic Sunni Islam is unlikely to be stopped, at least as far as Europe is concerned. Europe's welfare states are dead in the water without Muslim immigrants, and Muslims are already too potent a voting bloc to be cut off.


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