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Saturday, January 03, 2004

Rep. Ralph Hall Joins the GOP

Texas Representative Ralph Hall, the most conservative Democrat in Congress, switched to the Republican Party yesterday.

Ralph Hall is 80 years old and has voted with the Republicans on pretty much everything. Even ex-Rep. Connie Morella, a liberal Republican that conservatives loved to hate, voted with the Republicans more often than Hall voted with the Democrats. Hall even voted for Dennis Hastert as Speaker of the House! No Republican has voted for a Democrat Speaker in a long time.

An interesting thing about the House of Representatives is that there are a lot more conservative Democrats than there are liberal Republicans. The House is really split about 235-200 in favor of conservatives because of southern Democrats such as Rodney Alexander and Ken Lucas, who vote with the GOP almost all the time.

At least Texas is split 16-16 between Republicans and Democrats now. With luck we will improve that to about 22-10 after Chainsaw Tom DeLay's redistricting. Republicans should also knock off Republican Rep. Ron Paul, who votes "no" on just about everything; for all his "constitutional scruples," Representative No's endless "no" votes oftentimes place him alongside Democrats against his own party.


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