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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

SOTU speech = weak

Random thoughts:

Bush's State of the Union speech was mediocre at best. It was full of little technicalities that apparently were supposed to show how compassionate he was. Things like a marriage-promotion initiative, a jobs-training program, an anti-steroid program (What??) Honestly, what is steroid prevention doing in a state of the union speech?

I guess Bush thought he was throwing a bone to fiscal conservatives by telling Congress to hold spending growth to under 4 percent this year. Trouble is, in last year's SOTU he told Congress to keep it within 4.1 percent, and look where that got us (9.2 percent spending growth). We will see how serious Bush is about reining in spending growth when Congress' colossal $375 billion transportation bill hits his desk. It's about $130 billion more than Bush wanted. If history is any indication Bush will cave as he always has. At least, unless Tom Daschle and the Democrats manage to block the bill in the Senate. I find myself rooting more and more often for Daschle and against Bush these days. A rather sad commentary on the GOP if I may say so myself.

Bush has incredible audacity to continue claiming that there were WMD in Iraq.


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