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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Politics roundup

Kerry smoked Dean in Michigan and Washington state, which was expected. Dean is going for a futile last stand in Wisconsin. Kerry has the nomination wrapped up.

The Conventional Wisdom seems to be that Edwards will be Kerry's VP, but Edwards wouldn't help Kerry at all. Gephardt would be a more intelligent choice, in my opinion. Kerry will get zero votes down south no matter who his veep is, and I'm not sure Edwards would get any of the South either. Bill Richardson (moderate, popular governor of New Mexico) would be a good choice too, just to keep the Southwest competitive. Hillary would be formidable...but I think she is more intelligent than that. Kerry is going to lose badly unless Hillary signs up with him, in which case Kerry would lose closely.

What's interesting about the Democratic primary is that the party base is so fickle. First it was Kerry, then (briefly) Gephardt, then Dean, then Clark, now Kerry again. The Democrats will have the same buyer's remorse with Kerry that they've had with everyone else, but it's too late. Better Kerry than Clark, who at least has the "southern moderate" and "war hero" veneer. Kerry's war record is somewhat more two-sided, with allegations of blowing away a dying Vietnamese soldier and publishing a book with a picture of students mocking the battle of Iwo Jima with an upside-down American flag. (Although FrontPage is admittedly not the most objective source...)


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