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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Let the VP prognosticating begin 

Now that Kerry's finally wrapped this campaign up, the speculation as to his VP choice is running rampant. I've heard quite a few names thrown around.

I would be surprised if John Edwards, Evan Bayh, or Bob Graham ended up on the ticket. Dick Gephardt is more probable, but since VPs usually come out of nowhere it probably won't be Gep either. Bill Richardson? Maybe. He would wrap up New Mexico...another "dark-horse" possibility is Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, although Warner just seems like a weaker version of Edwards--a rich white southerner who may have more executive experience than Edwards, but less public speaking skill. And, like North Carolina, there is no chance in hell that Virginia will vote for John Forbes Kerry.

I'd put my money on Richardson, with Gephardt a close second.

The TradeSports political futures market gives Edwards the best shot, with Richardson a somewhat distant second.


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