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Friday, March 05, 2004

Lousy Bush ads 

Bush-Cheney 04 recently launched its first campaign ads, which you can view here.

They are a waste of $4 million. I know that gauzy, zero-substance ads aren't aimed at hardcore Republicans like myself (who will vote Republican in November no matter what), or hardcore Democrats who will vote Democrat in November no matter what. But this is a polarized country, and saying that "I know where I want to take this country" and "I know that I want to reward America's entrepreneurial spirit, faith, family, freedom, blah blah blah" is not going to convince anybody to vote for Bush. There is no defense of Bush's policies, no argument, no nothing. Just "I know where I want to lead this country." Who is going to be convinced by that? November 2004 is going to be a landmark election, a referendum on Bush's policies. This is 2004, not 1992!

The ads seem to reinforce the "Bush is an airhead" urban myth precisely because they have no substance.

We don't need a smiling George W. We need upward-pointing green arrows, showing how the Dow has gained 2500 points since 9-11; the hundreds of thousands of jobs created since the second, post-911 Bush tax cut; the devastation wrought on al-Qaeda and the hostile, brutal Hussein regime; the progress of freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan; the negligible inflation level. Ultimately, Bush's record is what this election is going to turn on, and it's a record John Kerry cannot hope to match.


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