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Monday, March 22, 2004

Spain: Winner of the Vichy award 

The most shocking thing I learned when I returned from my cruise was Spain's craven surrender to the terrorists after the Madrid bombing. I understand that there was an element of resentment at the Aznar government because it (perhaps) dishonestly blamed the Basque movement instead of Islamists, because Islamist terrorism would put the onus on Aznar for joining the Iraq war and thus inviting a terrorist attack. However, that in no way justifies the vote result. Aznar's Popular Party had every reason to expect an easy victory before the bombing, and now they're out of power. They've been replaced by a hard-left, very anti-American Socialist government that has promised to withdraw all troops from Iraq by July 30.

I get the feeling that Madrid was a test run for the American elections in November. I'm becoming more and more fearful of an October surprise if it seems like Bush will win the election; but I think American voters would have the opposite reaction of the Spanish. It would still introduce a huge variable into the election......


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