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Monday, May 10, 2004

Yet another reason for optimism

There's a new CNN/Gallup/USA Today poll out, and the results are encouraging indeed: Bush 48, Kerry 47.

This is the low point of Bush's presidency. Washington is wrapped up in hysteria over Abu Ghraib, and even though the economy is picking up, the Index of Consumer Sentiment hasn't fallen in step yet. In other words, the recovery is not yet apparent to a lot of people. (That wasn't meant to sound funny...) Anyway, barring a full-blown civil war in Iraq, Bush's situation simply is not going to get worse. And Kerry can't even manage a tie.

The $70 million or whatever that the Bush campaign dumped on Kerry was fortuitously well timed. Kerry was essentially defined as a flip-flopping serial tax raiser before the latest round of bad news. Kerry's own $25 million ad buy is not going to dent that. All Kerry's ads say is that he was a Vietnam hero, which was the only thing he (and the media) said during the entire Democrat primary season. It's the only thing Kerry talks about on the campaign trail. He's not going to change anybody's mind by repeating that mantra yet again.


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